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What does every good property need? Safety? Privacy? Security? A sense of belonging? Everyone probably has a different answer, but we here at Irving Fence Repair think that the one thing every property needs is a well maintained, sturdy fence.

Fences, after all, provide safety, privacy, security and more. With this in mind, we think that fence repair and maintenance is important for you.

To keep your home or business protected, safe and feeling intimate and cosy. Whether it’s repairing your current fence, new fence installation or updating your old one, we have you covered. We are best fence company Irving has to offer.

About Us

Based in incredible Irving Texas, we here at Irving Fence Repair try hard to embody the true spirit of our great community. We work hard to deliver the best, because we know that’s what you do too.

You work hard to get the best and deserved to have the best delivered to you in return. That’s what real community spirit is about. We always aim to give you the best as we believe offering the best to the homes and businesses of this great city is a great way to make our community even better.

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    So, what is it that we offer you at Irving Fence Repair? If your fence is damage, we can fix it. If you’re after a brand-new fence to protect your property or keep out nosy neighbors, we can install it and build it. If you want your old, worn fence to look like it did in its glory days, we can stain and re-invigorate it. Fence repair, fence staining and more. We do it all. This is because we are the best fence contractors and fence builders with the best fence pricing. Simply we are the premier fencing company in Irving.

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    Fence Repair

    Is your fence old, worn or damaged? Our fencing contractors are experts in fence repair. A damaged fence can devalue your property and detract from the aesthetics of your home. It can also result in a host of other issues, including compromising security or the privacy of your property.  Repairing your fence is what we do best. We can help you avoid any problems that damaged, rotting or worn fences might cause you around your property.

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    Cedar Privacy Fence

    Fences are a great way to really liven up the exterior of your home or property. Being left out in the elements year-round, however, can really damage your fence and your efforts to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Cedar privacy fencing solves these issues.

    Cedar is a more naturally durable and tough wood than pine, so it will last longer out in the elements all year round, with less maintenance. Along with this, the natural oils in cedar help to defend against insects and rotting in the wood.

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    Chain Link

    Chain link fences are just another one of the things we specialise in. Chain link fences have many advantages. They are durable in even the roughest of conditions, including storms, and are low maintenance. As they made from steel, so they cannot rot and are far more difficult to damage. They are affordable and can be installed easily and quickly.

    Chain link fences can be a great to keep your home or property secure affordably without compromising on quality. We can install a range of chain link fences to suit any of your needs.

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    Security Fence

    Keeping your business safe and secure is, naturally, an important priority. The damage that can be done by unsavoury people can be devastating, both financially and emotionally Our security fences are all you need and more.

    They durable, secure and safe and, best of all, affordable. Don’t leave your business unprotected.

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    High Fencing

    If you are looking for extra security or privacy, we offer a range of high fencing that is perfect for you. High fencing can quickly improve security and privacy around your home or property.

    Our quick installation means you can quickly reap the rewards that your new high fence has to offer. No need to wait.

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    Fence Staining

    Fences are often the first part of your home or property people that people will see. They are, in this way, a showpiece for your home, a broadcast to the outside world. Dull, worn out fences might send people the wrong message about your home.

    Staining your fences can be a great to way to make shine again and send the right message about your home or property. We can provide you with all your fence staining needs.

    We are the best of the fence staining companies Irving as to offer and we have the best fence staining prices.


    Our community-based approach to business means we are incredibly proud to offer our range of comprehensive services to the residents and businesses of Irving. Please contact us to see if we can offer you our services at your exact location.


    Homeowners usually get spellbound with the imaginative possibilities of upgrading their homes or gardens in any way. While with the commencement of construction technologies, the options are diverse. Although, one of the unmatched methods is to do so by installing a good fence. Like a writer said, “a neighbor with a fence is a neighbor who cares, not only about his own but for the entire community”. Fence installation adds a refreshing beauty and looks to your house while personifying it as a soul around your friendly neighborhood. On the other hand, fence installation provides a sense of security and privacy to your family.


    Fences are available in wide subsets based on their color, shape, size, patterns, style & types. It is always advisable to choose one that fits your budget and home style. Thus, it will be easy to choose when it comes to color, shapes, size, and pattern of the fence and can be elected ideally by consulting a professional fence contractor. On the contrary, the most considerable factors when it comes to the fencing are the features, aptitude of securing an area, installation cost, and maintenance which directly depend upon the type of fence you prefer. Based on that, some of the most considerable fencing options are:


    1. Wood Fence
    2. Vinyl Fence
    3. Aluminum Fence
    4. Bamboo Fence
    5. Chain Link
    6. Eco-Stone Fence
    7. Farm Fence
    8. Wrought Iron Fence


    Perhaps, there might be some more options based on your market standards which you have to ensure by contacting a local fencing contractor. From wood to wrought, selecting an appropriate fencing style is as clear as mud whereas the most area where homeowners get in a spin is between wood & vinyl. This question comes from a long debate among fencing contractors since the arrival of vinyl in the industry. Thanks to the current technology, an answer to this is pretty possible. Let's take a sneak peek at the advantage of both so you and your mind can be clear before calling a fence installation expert.


    Pros and Cons - Vinyl vs Wood Fencing


    Vinyl Fencing:


    Vinyl fencing is an awesome decision for an individual homeowner who wants a trendy look of the regular wood finish. It is one of the most flexible fencing methods and is resistant to the exposure of paint. In general, Neither the moderation of temperature influences them harshly nor these are liberated from rust, termite, and corrosion. Besides, vinyl fencing is rarely suffered by scratches/cracks and this requires the least cleaning over the long run. However, the less weight of vinyl adds icing to the cake. All these collectively make it virtually maintenance-free.


    The major disadvantage of installing vinyl fences is its killer price over the wooden fencing which is quite expensive. On another note, vinyl fencing is not eco-friendly and contributes to the degradation of nature.


    Wooden Fencing:


    Wood or wooden fencing almost comprise most of the pros from vinyl fencing but are slightly pocket friendly. On the contrary to vinyl fencing, the wood-based fences are biodegradable and therefore contribute to the settlement of a green environment. These fences provide a natural curb appeal to your yard and look great with the extraordinary touch-ups of flower pots, paints, and birdhouses. Despite this, you can customize them as per your mindset which gives a wooden fencing edge over almost all methods.


    Still, there are rivers full of disadvantages that need to be addressed as a part of choosing them over vinyl fencing. The wooden fencing demands heavy repair and maintenance to keep up in a fresh state. The temperature may have a moderate effect on wooden fences but not in all cases. Also, the wooden fences are irresistible and can be exposed to Insects and termites frequently.       With all this, the chances to get wood rot are extremely high.


    Costs of Vinyl Fencing Vs Wood Fencing


    Fence Initial Cost:


    Vinyl is no matter the superior fencing type. Still, it is not fabricated naturally and can get costly on an initial level. While the price of wooden material is getting high due to the economic crisis and soon will touch the price point to wood making them virtually equal.


    Fence Installation cost:


    The installation process for both commences from a common yet takes a turn in between. They both require the same amount of preparation work concerning measurement and tools. Besides, the panels for the vinyl fencing come with pre-drilled posts that make it almost easy to assemble. The same process saves the need to buy expensive hardware tools & eliminates the excessive amount of wastage commonly seen in wooden fencing. Perpetually making it the most time-efficient method which contributes directly to fewer labor costs.


    Fence Maintenance Cost:


    The majority of the homeowners who are using wooden fences as a part of their home already know how messy it can get. Cleaning, pasting, staining & painting requires a lot of time and cost. The process is itself much exhausting and can make anyone think twice. Coming back to Vinyl, it just needs to wipe up for a few seconds & it will be clean as new. Also, it comes in a wide assortment of shades with a mentioned warranty period making it cost-friendly in terms of maintenance.


    Fence Replacement Cost:


    The contemporary vinyl fencing is fabricated to last for years whereas wood being a natural substance meant to rot & decay over a limited period. It just can’t withstand the environmental pressure & modulates as vinyl does. As a result, vinyl wins over wood in the war among costings associated with fence replacement.


    No matter whatever material you decide, hiring a professional fencing installation & repair company to do a fencing job at your house comes out at much more ease than exploring on your own. Even a month-long task can be accomplished by them in a matter of a few days.


    Irving Fence Repair just works like this! We help you to choose among the best fencing products available as per the need for removal and replacement. Moreover, our team is highly qualified to provide exceptional customer service when it comes to any fencing work. Don’t settle for any other fence company in Irving, Texas today. Contact us at 214-284-1718 to talk about your latest project and receive a free quote.


    “My fence was badly damaged in a storm. After doing some research, I found Irving Fence repair. They were the ultimate professionals and did an amazing job. My fence looks brand new and is stronger than ever.” Scott. P

    “After my business was broken into, I knew I needed increased security. I talked to Irving fence repair about the problem and they came up with the solution. They installed a security fence without any hassle or inconvenience to my business. I know now that business is protected.” Jack. G

    “I wanted my backyard to feel a little more private. After calling Irving Fence Repair they recommended cedar privacy fencing. It’s fantastic. They took care of all the installation and everything else. Now my backyard has a nice intimate feel to it.” Rachel. W

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