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Cedar Privacy Fencing

Fences are out in the harsh elements all year. So, they need to be tough to last, but we also want them to look appealing. Many of the woods traditionally used are aesthetically pleasing but simply don’t last. Is there a way to get a good-looking fence without sacrificing any quality, durability or strength? Hello, Cedar wood. Not only does it look great but it’s naturally tough. Thereby continuous fence installation costs and repair costs down.

We think Cedar wood is a perfect combination of the right things you need in a fence. For this reason, we are the premier fencing companies when it comes to installing cedar privacy fencing.

Long lasting

We all crave value for money and want the things we buy to last. Often, we find ourselves disappointed. This is especially true of timber fencing, which is, by its design, out in the elements all year round. This can leave it needing regular maintenance or even replacing. Why not get real value for money?

Our cedar privacy fences are built to last. Cedar is a tougher and more durable than traditional woods such as pine and can really last even in the harshest conditions. For that reason, the cedar privacy fences we install are long lasting and great value for money. This keeps your fence costs low.


Cedar is far more resistant than softer woods traditionally used in fencing, such as pine. This means value for money. This natural resistance is due the natural oils found in cedar wood, which has many great benefits and are what make this type of wood so resistant to damage and the elements.

These oils help prevent rotting, thereby saving you time and headaches. These naturally occurring oils are also a natural repellent to insects. These qualities will help your new fence last. Cedar wood really is the best fence pricing option because it’s guaranteed to last.


Coupled with its natural durability and resistance, cedar is also a naturally attractive wood. It’s a great design choice for any backyard. It has a beautiful, natural selection of colours that will fit whatever décor you are trying to arrange in your yard. This perfect combination of beauty, durability and resistance makes cedar privacy fences a must at any home.

The cedar privacy fences we install are not only built to last, but also look great. Complimenting the look of your home with a beautiful fence is always a great idea.

Low maintenance

All the natural resistance and improved durability of cedar wood means that is requires far less maintenance than traditional pine fences. Many types of wood can warp or be damaged in other ways as they suffer through the yearly cycle of elements. Not cedar wood.

Cedar wood is able to maintain its shape and size due to it natural durability. This lower maintenance costs and, in the long run, really does make Cedar privacy fencing a cheap privacy fence option. We can offer the best cedar fence installation that Irving has to offer.

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